According to recent research, workers in firms with 25 or fewer employees are most likely to miss out on getting holiday pay or even receiving payslips, with workers in the hospitality industry faring the worst.

The think tank Resolution Foundation found that one in 20 workers in the UK do not receive any paid holidays, and workers over the age of 65 are most unlikely to receive the legal entitlement of 28 days a year for paid holidays. This group is also more likely than younger colleagues to receive less than the minimum wage.

Moreover, the report said that one in 10 workers do not receive their payslips, and workers on zero-hours contracts in firms employing fewer than 25 people are least likely to receive them.

As a spokeswoman for the think tank commented, the UK has a multitude of rules to govern its labour market, from maximum hours to minimum pay, but these rules can only become a reality if they are properly enforced.

She added that labour market violations remain far too common, with millions of workers missing out on basic entitlements to a payslip, holiday entitlement and the minimum wage.

Therefore, Resolution Foundation is calling on the Government to enforce labour market rules more stringently, and has suggested that while violations take place across the labour market, officials should also prioritise carrying out investigations into activities conducted by businesses in the hospitality industry, like hotels and restaurants, and by firms who commonly utilise atypical employment contracts, as that is where abuse is most prevalent.

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